Seashell is reimagining the flow of money.

At Seashell, our goal is to make money more accessible for everyone.

As a U.S. licensed financial product, Seashell provides the simplest way to earn high and stable interest. Bringing the latest innovations in financial technology, we promise to deliver exceptional products that make it easy to save, grow, and use your money.

Seashell's technology harnesses blockchain innovations to offer market-leading and fully licensed yields at the push of a button, putting more money into everyone's pocket.

As a Software Engineer working in the mobile stack, you'll architect and create the foundation to build a financial super app from the ground up. This will encompass many of the most difficult challenges in mobile development — optimal performance across a feature-packed app, high-stakes mobile security, persistence, and asynchrony. This is an exciting opportunity to help lay a sustainable groundwork that will be leveraged by a wide array of consumers. It will also allow you to apply previous expertise in a new and creative way that will have a compounding impact as the super app continues to grow.

What you'll do:

  • Lead, build, test, and release mobile application features using Flutter.
  • Work closely with Product, Design, Platform, and other cross-functional groups to drive product vision.

About you:

  • 5+ years of experience in software engineering, including 1+ years in mobile app development.
  • Fluent in at least one mobile programming language (e.g. Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin, Java, Dart, Javascript).
  • Have a strong technical intuition.
  • Familiar with current trends and best practices in mobile development.
  • Passionate about leveraging innovative technologies to solve issues in the modern financial system.

Bonus points:

  • 1+ years of experience in developing Flutter apps or using other cross-platform tools.
  • Deep experience in one of the modern mobile programming languages (Swift, Kotlin, Dart)
  • Experience with mobile app security and optimizing performance in large apps.
  • Experience in developing or designing websites or web applications.
  • Familiarity with SDKs and using different dependency managers.
  • Formal or informal experience in UI/UX design.
  • Domain knowledge in financial markets and/or blockchain technologies.
  • Bachelor's degree or higher in computer science or related subject.

Our tech stack:

  • Flutter as our cross-platform mobile framework using the Dart programming language.
  • Firebase for authentication and other dependencies from